Newcomer Verizon Snags 33 Percent of iPhone 4 Market

Yes Verizon, we can hear you now. And so can AT&T. Loud and clear, as a matter of fact, which is what happens when one wireless company steals market share from another in convincing fashion. And that's what Verizon did which, according to market research firmLocalytics, now accounts for a third of all iPhone 4 devices in the U.S., despite AT&T having a nearly eight-month head start.

Sure, AT&T still claims the larger slice of the pie with around 68 percent, but it used to consume the whole thing and is now sharing a third with Verizon, a newcomer to the iPhone 4 party.

"Why the recent uptick in Verizon adoption? One reason may be Verizon’s unlimited data plan, which they are scheduled to do away with on July 7th (yesterday)," Localytics notes in its blog. "AT&T officially discontinued its unlimited data plan in mid-2010, although existing customers were allowed to keep their plan as long as they remained AT&T customers. We’ll continue tracking the shift in iPhone 4 market share to see if Verizon loses momentum post-unlimited-data."

Verizon's ability to snag a third of the iPhone 4 market in such a short time has to be troubling for AT&T, particularly with the iPhone 5 right around the corner, in which AT&T won't have a head start over Verizon in selling.