New York Times Becomes Latest Victim Of Russian Hackers, FBI Investigates

Russian hackers are thought to be targeting reporters and major news outlets, including The New York Times, which confirmed that its Moscow bureau was the target of an attempted cyberattack this month. The news agency hasn't found any evidence to suggest that the hackers were successful in their attempt, though an investigation is ongoing.

"We are constantly monitoring our systems with the latest available intelligence and tools," said Eileen Murphy, a spokeswoman for The Times. "We have seen no evidence that any of our internal systems, including our systems in the Moscow bureau, have been breached or compromised."

The New York Times

There seems to be some conflicting information and a bit of veiled contention between CNN and The Times. According to the former, the security intrusions were detected in recent months and are being investigated by the FBI and other U.S. security agencies. CNN took issue with Murphy's statement that The Times had seen "no evidence" of hackers breaching its internal systems.

"CNN's report didn't say that The Times' internal systems were breached, but that reporters were targeted," CNN said.

The Times also disputed CNN's report that it hired private cybersecurity investigators to look into the matter, though CNN maintains it was told the opposite by law enforcement officials who've been briefed on the matter.

In any event, it appears that hackers are increasingly targeting reporters and news organizations, as they hold valuable information about contacts in government, secret communications, and unpublished reports containing sensitive information.

The latest hack comes as the FBI investigates a cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee. President Barack Obama hasn't officially pointed the finger at Russia for the attack, though it's widely believed that Russian intelligence agencies were behind it all.
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