A New WhatsApp Feature Will Make Your Transition From Android To iOS Much Easier

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WhatsApp users may soon be able to migrate their chat history from an Android phone to an iPhone. Incidentally, the chat migration feature is already available for users moving their chat histories from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones.

When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp is one of the most popular. The end-to-end encryption the app utilizes is the main feature that makes it so popular in the world of instant messaging and communication. End-to-end encryption has recently come under attack from the UK Government Home Office, as it prepares to launch a massive $720k campaign against the feature many messaging apps use. It is unlikely the campaign will have a huge impact, however, since people are becoming more and more conscience about keeping their data private from others, including the government. Now it appears users who are wanting to move their WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS, will soon be able to.

In a post from WABetaInfo, evidence was found in the latest WhatsApp iOS beta release of a new feature that will allow users to migrate their chat histories from an Android phone to an iOS phone. This seems to build on the feature that was first found back in September of last year by the news outlet.

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There has only been a couple of things suggested by the leaks as to how the app will go about moving chat histories from one device to another. Screenshots suggest the app will ask for your permission before it begins the migration process, which is pretty standard. Another aspect, that was seen in the earlier leak, is that you will need to use Apple's Move to iOS app as well. This differs from Android, which requires a Lightning to USB-C cable and a phone that is either new, or has recently undergone a factory reset.

Another new feature that has been mentioned in a separate leak suggests WhatsApp may also be working on a two-step verification process for its desktop and web clients. If the messaging app follows through with releasing this feature, users will be able to add a personal pin to their account. So, when they want to access their account on a computer or online, they will be required to input their personal pin along with the six digit code WhatsApp sends to their phone. This will guard against possible SIM swap attacks.

As with all leaks, any of this is subject to change. But for those who are patiently awaiting the ability to migrate their chat history from an Android device to their iPhone, it is encouraging at the very least.