New Universal Remote Controls Up To 15 Devices - Even In Closed Cabinets

Pretty much everyone has caved and bought a universal remote at some point or another. Somehow, it never seems to be truly universal and ends up in a pile with the other remotes and you have to paw through the pile every time you want to turn on the boob tube.

Logitech today swears the Harmony 900 is the last one you'll ever need. And not only does the company promise it will control everything - TV, movies, games and music - Logitech claims the Harmony 900 will do it even when the components are behind closed cabinet doors.

The remote has a full-color touch screen and can replace up to 15 controls. It controls the devices behind closed doors through the use of "IR blasters" that you place on the cabinet shelves nearby.

The button layout is divided into four sections:
• numbers
• traditional DVD controls
• D-pad
• on-screen menu buttons

Logitech brags that "[o]nly the 44 most-essential buttons appear on the Harmony 900 remote" and also that "each of those buttons is individually sculpted" - so you can tell by touch if you're hitting the right button (a useful feature for anyone who's accidentally changed channels or fast-forwarded instead of rewinding while watching a movie in the dark).

And despite the fact that the remote controls up to 15 devices, there are certain one-touch controls that will turn on multiple devices. For example, if you want to watch television, the device will turn on the TV, cable box and, if you have it linked up, the stereo, plus any other necessary devices.

The remote should be available in the U.S. and Europe in September, and the suggested retail price is $399.99. It comes with a recharging cradle, rechargeable battery, IR blaster and two "mini" blasters. Blasters should become available online in some areas later on, Logitech said.

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