New Taica Material Improves LCD Performance

Can't say we've ever heard of Taica Corporation, but apparently that very company has developed a so-called shock absorber that somehow boosts LCD performance. Sounds crazy, we know. Reportedly, the outfit has crafted a resin material that is based on a soft gel made primarily from silicon. As the story goes, that very substances helps to improve the luminance and contrast ratio of liquid crystal displays.

While the whole thing is pretty technical, we're told that the effect is achieved by slotting the material between the front acrilic plate and the polarizer. According to a live report from Tech-On, the main features are as follows: "It has (1) a high transmittance of 99% or higher in the visible light range (380-780nm), (2) a refraction index equivalent to that of acrylic material and (3) excellent shock absorbing characteristics, stress relaxation properties, durability and a high resistance to light."

When applied, the LCD luminance will be boosted by around 10%. By replacing the air gap with the material -- which has a refraction index equivalent to that of acrylic material -- "reflection and scattering of light on the interface can be reduced, thereby enhancing the luminance, according to the company." As if that wasn't enough, the new material also improves contrast ratio; when "used between the backlight source, such as LEDs, and the acrylic light guide plate, etc, it will improve the light utilization efficiency so that the LCD luminance will be increased by about 15%" according to Taica.

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