Twitch Prime Subscribers Now Get A Free Year Of Switch Online

Amazon is always about sweetening the deal for Prime members who aren't happy with free two-day shipping and some of the best original streaming content out there. For a long time, Prime members also got complementary ad-free Twitch streaming, but that ad-free viewing was gutted last August. Amazon is now tossing another free offer to Twitch Prime subscribers, and if you are a Nintendo Switch gamer, you will like this one.

switch online

Prime subscribers can get up to a year of free Nintendo Switch Online service with a Prime subscription. That free offer will save you $20 compared to paying for the service per year. Here's the best news for Switch fans who have already bought a year of the service, you still get the free months.

Those who have paid already can add another year of free service on top of the service they purchased via the Twitch Prime perks page. That means even if you have just paid for a year of Switch Online, you still get an entire year free. A caveat is in place to prevent people from subscribing to Prime for a single month, getting the free Switch service, and ditching Prime. The safeguard against this is that you only get three free months of service up front and can then claim the other nine months free after the first three months is over.

The offer requires a Nintendo Switch Online login to claim and Twitch credentials to verify; you can't get multiple discounts with one online account. Families with more than one Switch in the home on a Switch Online family membership don't get the discount or free months. The offer for the initial three months of free service is good through September 24, 2019, with the additional nine months needing to be claimed by January 22, 2020.