New Nvidia Video Illustratres G-Sync Performance at 60 FPS

One of the problems with writing about a technology like Nvidia's G-Sync is that it's nearly impossible to actually show the technology in action. Websites like YouTube or DailyMotion either don't accept 60 FPS video at all, or automatically convert it to 30 FPS when it's encoded. While that makes perfect sense from a business perspective, it's frustrating for demonstrating a technology that fundamentally requires faster frame rates.

Nvidia has put together a video that shows V-Sync and G-Sync side-by-side, as well as a comparison between V-Sync off and on. At 198MB, it's not a small download, but we're hosting it here locally to give you a chance to see the technology for yourself. The real-world gaming impact of G-Sync is mixed -- it's a technology that makes a bigger difference in some games than others, and is generally more important if your frame rate is hovering between 60 FPS and 30 FPS. A game running at 120FPS on a high-end monitor isn't going to benefit in the same fashion.

The key element of the demonstration is in the last few minutes, when the pendulum swings between V-Sync on the left and G-Sync on the right, as shown above. Watch for the stutter between the two demonstrations -- you'll see that the pendulum is much smoother when swinging through the right than on the left.

G-Sync displays and kits will ship in volume in 2014, with Asus being first out of the gate with monitor support. Expected retail price for the first G-Sync displays is ~$400 for a 27" 1920x1080 TN panel. Interested readers can download the video here.