New iPhone To Have Touch Sensitive Back?

Only a few days after a Korean paper said the new iPhone would be out in April, a Goldman Sachs analyst chimed in on the annual update to the iPhone, saying it would be out in (ta-da) June, when Apple usually release updates to its popular app phone.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analyst Robert Chen, fortunately, not talking about credit default swaps or derivatives, so we can try to trust him, said the new iPhone would have a better camera (not much of a stretch of the imagination there) and a touch sensitive case, much like Apple's Mighty Mouse. He added that the phone would go into production in April and be available to consumers in June or July, much as prior models have been.

Of course, people are just now getting really used to touchscreens, so it wil be interesting to see how they react to touchbacks, assuming this is correct? The one problem with this would be that you wouldn't be able to have full cases, covering the back as well. While quite a few eschew cases for the iPhone because they don't want to add buik to the device, quite a few not only have cases, they have cases that add protection to the screen (such as Ivyskin's).
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