New iPhone Details Emerge

Think Secret, past victim of Apple legal harassment for releasing info on unannounced products, has just posted some interesting information on the upcoming iPhone:
"Think Secret sources have also been dropping additional iPhone-related details over the past weeks. Among the more notable pieces of information: there will be no insurance offered for the iPhone from AT&T or Asurion, the firm AT&T uses for its insurance plans. This means customers who break or lose an iPhone will be unable to replace it at a nominal cost."
If the information is correct then that's not exactly going to be a strong selling point.   On the plus side the article says you will get 2 free years of tech support.  There might also end up being an AppleCare plan that could cover the hardware, but there's no official word on the price.
The other buzz is the news about potential presales.  It's apparently totally up in the air as to when or if there will even be presales, but given the possibility of having to purchase a hardware plan vs. getting one as part of the initial purchase or for a low monthly cost, might make people shy away from purchasing altogether.
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