New iPhone App Keeps You Connected With Your House

Protection One is now offering an iPhone application that lets you access your home's security panels and receive real-time security updates from an iPhone or iPod Touch. The new eSecure application allows users to confirm that their security system is armed while away from home. Should you need to send a contractor or someone else into the home unexpectedly, you can turn off the alarm remotely from the application.

When your system is armed, the eSecure system will send text or email messages if motion is detected, a particular door is opened, in the event of a flood, if high carbon-monoxide levels are recorded, and even when a liquor or medicine cabinet, safe, or other sensitive area is accessed.

By providing the application, Protection One hopes to deliver peace of mind to users whenever they are away from home. “No one wants to spend a vacation or business trip worrying about leaving the garage door open or if the security alarm is set,” says Protection One President and CEO Richard Ginsburg. “This application puts security at your fingertips and keeps you connected, even when you’re away.”

The application uses multiple layers of password protection to maintain safety and security. A standard Protection One keypad code is required for access to the eSecure keypad, which is not stored on the device or visible to anyone looking at the screen.

The new eSecure iPhone application is free with the eSecure service subscription and available for download at the iPhone App Store.