New 5.0 Launched!


Well now, there's a surprise eh?  Welcome to's 5th edition site.  As you can see we've revamped the graphics a bit courtesy of our in-house stylizers Mario Mirabella and Marco Chiappetta (team Cinzano baby!).  And of course there's our Ultra Code Ninja (UCN for short) Dominic Plouffe, our Canadian connection, who is responsible for our new back-end engine.  What did I do you ask?  I sort of just sit around and point at things and say "fix that", "wrong color", and my favorite "it's broken!"... Yeah, I know I'm a real technician...

At any rate, are things fast for you?  How does it look?  Anything broken?  Drop us a line here.  And drop your opinion in the poll while you're at it.  After all, this is your place.  Welcome to you're new HH 5.0.  :)

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