New HotHardware Poll: UMPCs

Hello everyone.  We have just updated our poll and would like your opinion on a hot topic as of late.  Ever since Computex, where the Asus Eee PC was first unveiled, it seems that Ultra Mobile Devices (UMD) and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC) have taken off in popularity.  Our Eee PC coverage, for example, continues to be popular even months after its release.   So, based on what you’ve seen and what you know about the current crop of UMDs and UMPCs, which do you think is the hottest product?  The Eee PC?  OQO model 002?  Vote in the poll and let us know.

And if we missed a popular device that you feel should have been listed in the poll, please feel free to post a comment to tell us which one you're most interested in.