New HH Server On Deck!

So it's probably obvious by now that we've been re-investing a little bit in things around here lately. All for your benefit of course!  :)  Last week we launched the new site design and backend database which, all told, went relatively smoothly.  Today we just got the high sign from our host, Data 393, that our new Dual 3GHz Xeon Server is up and ready for action!

Windows Control Panel Hardware Device Manager Screen Shot

Dual 3GHz Xeons w/ 2G of RAM and 3Ware Escalade RAID Card
Powering The New HotHardware Soon!

This is just one of our boxes actually.  Dig the E7525 server chipset?  We have another Xeon box that runs our dbase back-end and we may actually put mail and forums on yet another.  We'll see, it's only money.  ;-)

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