Comcast Sneakily Adds 1.2TB Data Cap For Millions of Northeastern US Customers

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From net neutrality (remember that happening?) to outrageous prices and data caps, ISPs have been a necessary evil for most people. Specifically, people have had contempt for Comcast for some time, and the pain-train is not set to stop any time soon. Comcast recently added data caps into the internet plans for eastern and northeastern US customers, limiting them to just 1.2TB a month starting next year.

First noticed by StopTheCap, a publication dedicated to the opposition of data caps, found that Comcast would be introducing a 1.2TB data cap in January next year for customers in certain states. The states affected include the following:
us data cap map
Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia

Even though a data cap may not be a big deal to some, it is still annoying that new restrictions are added for no reason. However, Comcast claims that “Only about 5% of [their] customers use that much” data in a month, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for most by their approximation. If you do happen to go over the limit after the first month, data will be added to your bill in 50GB chunks at $10 each. Thankfully customers cannot go over $100 each month in additional data charges, so your bill won’t be absurdly high should you download Call of Duty a couple of times.

Although there isn’t much you can do to fight the data cap, you could switch providers if you are able. If you do not want to change ISPs but are worried about your data limit, you can also pay an extra $30 a month for unlimited data so you can download whatever you want without worry. If you are as displeased as we are to see data caps, sound off in the comments below and let us know how you feel.