New Bill Could Ban Social Websites On Public Terminals

A new bill that passed 410-15 in the U.S. House of Representatives could soon spell the end to chat room use on public terminals, like ones found in schools in libraries. The bill is a response to the increasing threat of child predators on sites like MySpace. The problem with the bill though, is that it's a bit vague in its wording, and could be interpreted to mean the barring of any site that a personal profile can be made on (such as hardware forums). So, is it a well thought out bill that will protect children using the internet, or a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that's been around before Myspace was even here?

"Even though politicians apparently meant to restrict access to MySpace, the definition of off-limits Web sites is so broad the bill would probably sweep in thousands of commercial Web sites that allow people to post profiles, include personal information and allow "communication among users." Details will be left up to the Federal Communications Commission."