New 'Arrested Development' Episodes Available Today, Watch Netflix Disrupt Another Entertainment Market

If you’re a fan of the cancelled Fox cult smash “Arrested Development”, today is the day you’ve been awaiting for years: the show is back. Netflix has followed through on its promise to deliver new episodes, and you can stream all 15 episodes today in HD.

However, today’s premier is about much more than just a beloved comedy coming back for a final season. Back in November of 2011 (yes, it’s been that long) when 20th Century Fox announced its collaboration with Netflix on the show, its chairmen said, “This innovative deal with Netflix represents a new business model that is extremely exciting and opens the door for a wide range of new collaborations.”

Arrested Development

The door is definitely open, and Netflix is walking through it. New “Arrested Development” programming on Netflix was the first of its kind, and now there’s a slew of new original shows coming from and via Netflix. The company’s “House of Cards” was a hit, and on July 11th it will debut a prison-based dark comedy called “Orange is the New Black”. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Netflix played a central role in effectively running video stores such as Blockbuster out of business with its unique direct mailing content distribution model, and the added ability to stream content was a major game changer.

When you’re watching “Arrested Development” this weekend, what you’re watching is more of the same: Netflix is slowly but surely disrupting another market in the entertainment industry.