NetJets To Add In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi is becoming more widely available. Add NetJets to the list of aircraft where you'll soon be able to surf the Web, check email, and even listen to the latest hits from Pandora at 41,000 feet.

This summer, NetJets will install Aircell's technology on more than 250 of its fleet of 800 private aircraft. The service will be installed on the mid-size and large-cabin aircraft operated by NetJets. NetJets plans to have all future fleet aircraft, including light cabin models, delivered from the factory with high speed Internet service.

Unlike other airlines, NetJets uses a fractional aircraft ownership model in which individuals and companies buy shares of a private business jet. These jets can then be available to use within a few hours' notice.

The Wi-Fi offering from NetJets will be available to its fractional owners at no additional charge. To date, Aircell has already equipped nearly 1,000 commercial jets on eight US airlines with its Gogo Wi-Fi service. Gogo typically costs $5 to $13 based on the number of hours of use.