Netgear's Digital Entertainer Live Brings Hulu, YouTube And More To The HDTV

We're not quite sure when it happened, but media streaming has taken off in a big way. Just about every consumer electronics company with any experience in the HD/Wi-Fi/routing businesses has decided to jump in, with Netgear being no different.

The new Digital Entertainer Live is a step-up from the EVA9150 introduced last year, as evidenced by the EVA2000 model name. The Internet-connected box enables users to watch YouTube videos and a wide range of online content right on their television, and it'll also play back material stored on USB storage devices and networked drives/computers around the house.

In addition to personal media collections and YouTube, consumers can now easily browse, download and play newly released pay-per-view movies from Roxio CinemaNow, and thanks to the PlayOn support (a free trial is included), accessing material from Hulu, ESPN, CBS and other major outlets is a cinch. You can connect it to your HDTV via HDMI or composite, and you'll need to make sure an Ethernet cable is nearby if you hope to watch any web content. Of course, you can stick a USB Wi-Fi dongle into the USB socket if no such cable is nearby. Finally, the Digital Entertainer Live includes a free trial of VuNow, which provides access to hundreds of other Internet videos, live Internet TV and live Internet radio streamed from popular sites from around the world, such as Bloomberg, CNN Video, C-SPAN, ESPN, Germany's 2DF, Al Jazeera, BBC Worldwide, China's CCTV, Germany's DWTV, Euronews, EuroSport, France 24, France's Orange Sport, Germany's RTL, and Sky News.

Those interested in bringing the best of the web to their TV can order one of these right now for $149.99, with the Digital Entertainer Live Wireless USB Adapter (EVAW111) available as a $39.99 option for those needing a Wi-Fi dongle.