Netflix to Stream to Wii, PS3?

It was over a year ago that reports emerged of Netflix surveying users about possible streaming to the Xbox 360 (which eventually came to fruition) and the PS3. New reports have arisen about Netflix asking the same questions, this time about the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

In email surveys sent to customers, reports indicate that both the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 would require a "Netflix Instant Streaming Disc."
A Netflix Instant Streaming Disc (one-time fee of $9.99). This disc must be put into your PS3 (or Wii) whenever you want to instantly watch movies and TV episodes from Netflix over the Internet
We can perhaps understand, with the rather limited storage on the Nintendo Wii compared to the other consoles the possible reason for a Streaming Disc, but one would think the PS3 could support this functionality with a firmware upgrade.

And at $9.99, you'd expect the disc to be copy-protected as well, which would tend to mean you'd better make sure you don't scratch the disc.

Of course, this is a survey. It doesn't mean the functionality will appear soon, if ever. Readers, would you want this on your console, and how do you feel about the $9.99 fee?
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