Netflix Testing Private Viewing Mode To Cover Viewing Activity Log Tracks

Although Netflix’s system for tracking what you’ve viewed and offering up suggestions accordingly is a fine way to discover new movies or TV shows you may want to watch, it can also be annoying when you watch something that turns out to be awful (or embarrassing). Worse, your friends or family members who see your account can see that thing you wish they couldn’t--doubly bad if you allow Netflix to share your viewing habits on social media.

The company is testing a new feature called Privacy Mode that would let users hide a movie or TV show. “Choosing that option means the program will not appear in your viewing activity log, nor will it be used to determine recommendations about what you should watch in the future,” reads an email from Netflix’s Cliff Edwards in part.


This is a great feature. Not only does it offer some privacy, it also lets you keep your carefully curated Netflix account from being forever corrupted by your kids watching their shows on your account, or a friend or guest opting for something you’d never watch, or--you get the idea.

It’s not a guarantee that Privacy Mode will ever roll out to the general public, but the tests will continue for months, at least, only for certain users.