Netflix Starts Search For New Chief Marketing Officer

Netflix was a darling, but it's hard to keep up appearances in the ever-changing world of technology. Quikster didn't help matters, nor did Netflix's decision to seriously raise rates for those wanting DVD rentals in addition to streaming. And for 2012, the company has a plan to change things up a bit in an effort to turn the ship around. This week, Netflix announced Leslie Kilgore, its Chief Marketing Officer for the last 12 years, will join the Netflix board as a non-executive director and that it had appointed Jessie Becker, interim Chief Marketing Officer and Jonathan Friedland, Chief Communications Officer.

Ms. Kilgore joined Netflix in 2000 as CMO after holding various positions at, Procter & Gamble and Booz Allen and Hamilton. Ms. Kilgore, who has an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania/ Wharton School of Business, also serves as a director at LinkedIn Corporation.

An 11-year Netflix veteran, Ms. Becker has most recently been Vice President, Marketing, in charge of a variety of acquisition channels. Previously, she held positions at and Oracle Corp. Ms. Becker has an MBA from Stanford University and a BA and BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business.

Not surprisingly, the company plans to start a search for a new Chief Marketing Officer in the coming months. One of the weak spots in their delivery has been marketing; there has been a pretty obvious gap in connecting with consumers and customers, and a new CMO would presumably be tasked with keeping the heat on despite the beating that Netflix's reputation has taken recently.
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