Netflix Shipping Discs To Allow Wii Streaming

Wii owners who are Netflix subscribers should begin finding a little extra something in their mailbox soon.

The mail-order and online movie rental service is sending discs out to its subscribers who own the Nintendo game systems that will allow them to access any movies or TV shows that Netflix streams online.

The videos will be accessible via the Wii shopping channel and the Wii must have a broadband Internet connection.

This was the next logical step, as Netflix already had similar processes in place with Xbox 360 and the PS3. And, as more streaming content comes to Netflix, cross-platform deals like this should pretty much put the final nails in Blockbuster's coffin. Sure, Blockbuster just announced it's keeping the 28-day advantage on Warner Brothers new releases. But is that what's going to get people to drop Netflix in favor of Blockbuster?

Netflix has made deals with Warner Brothers and other studios to delay the rental of new releases through their service in order to give the studios more time to sell the DVDs. But what they got in return was a larger library to stream. Eventually, it's all going to move online anyway. So why not give a little now (come on, you REALLY can't wait an extra couple of weeks to see a new release?) and get a lot now, when it's all gonna be online in the future anyway.