Netflix Sees 2 Million New Streaming Customers in Q3, DVD Subscriptions Down

It’s no secret that Netflix believes that its DVD rental-by-mail service will vanish one day soon as more and more households switch to streaming-only subscriptions, so the suits were certainly pleased at some of the Q3 numbers Netflix posted.

The company added almost 2 million new streaming subscribers in Q3 alone, bringing the total number of global subscribers up to over 29 million (25.1million of whom are in the U.S.). Those users watched more than 3 billion hours of movies and TV shows on Netflix in this past quarter alone.

Those figures, and the knowledge that its DVD business’ days are numbered, surely softened the impact of a fourth consecutive quarterly decline in DVD plan subscriptions; about 630,000 Netflix customers ditched the service in Q3, bringing the total number of subscribers from almost 14 million a year ago to 8.6 million today.

Netflix building

Another telling stat is that two-thirds of Netflix streaming in the U.S. is of episodic TV, indicating that more and more users are looking to Netflix for that type of programming instead of cable or satellite.

So what’s the next frontier for Netflix? Original programming. The company has already launched a bit of original content, but much more is slated for 2013.
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