Netflix Rumored To Expand Services To Spain/UK

Is Netflix about to make their next major international leap? Recently, the streaming service expanded from their U.S. roots and hit up Canada and Latin America. But as James Bond would say, the world isn't enough. And North American isn't enough for Netflix, according to a new report over at Variety. Reportedly, Netflix is gearing up to launch services in Europe, with Spain and the UK to be first on the list. From there, it should be relatively easy to spread to other EU nations, and from there... well, who knows what could happen.

Netflix is bound to hit some steep competition in the UK, where a company called Lovefilm already offers a rival service that has been nicely adopted. Netflix has refused to comment on the rumor, but that's no shock. According to the report, execs within film distributors in Europe have confirmed that the company will be making Europe their next target.

What's that mean in the grand scheme of things? Hard to say. And it's hard to say if the recent price increase had anything to do with it. We wouldn't be surprised if Netflix only offered streaming in Europe, and they continue to price their US offers in a way that'll encourage Americans to side with streaming and shun DVDs.