Netflix Picks Up, Hints Of Qwikster Linger

Is Qwikster on the rebound? Perhaps. Netflix killed the short-lived Qwikster after an uproar from customers about the splitting of DVD and Internet queues, but it's obvious that Netflix still believes that the future is one with a split. Or, perhaps the future is one where DVD rentals are simply inconsequential. The latest resurfacing of plans involves Netflix's purchase of, a move that many are saying was made to further blur the lines between offerings. Right now, it redirects to, but some users are already reporting that queues are being treated differently. In other words, Internet-only subscribers can't see DVD queues, and vice-versa.

At this stage, DVD rentals are still a major part of the Netflix business, and it isn't likely to change for some time. But in the long run, it will change. DVDs will fade and streaming will replace it, and while we aren't near that place yet, Netflix is clearly eying the future. So, perhaps is a long-term plan to introduce Qwikster without having that funky name turn anyone off.
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