Google Chromecast Users Can Finally Now Skip Netflix Show Intros

We've all been there, binging one of our favorite shows on Netflix and you have to sit through the show's intro over and over unless you hit that skip button. All you really want is to find the episode of The Walking Dead where you hope Carl gets his face eaten off by a walker (maybe that's just me) and you just want to skip the intro and speed the process up. Netflix added the ability to skip those intros last year, but if you were watching on a Chromecast device, throwing Netflix up to your TV, you were doomed to watch all of that intro, no matter way. Fortunately, that is now changing even with Chromecast, and all users will be getting the magical intro skip capability.

die carl die

The Netflix Android app now has a button underneath the playback controls and you can press to skip the intro. You need to be running the latest version of the Netflix app to see the feature, which is reportedly 6.3.0. This has been a big year for Netflix so far, with a surge in subscribers helping to push the company's market cap to over $100 billion. That subscriber surge is thanks in large part to some of the cool new original shows the network has been producing like Lost in Space and Altered Carbon among others.

skip intro

Netflix fans that like to watch on their PC, and use AMD hardware, should also get the latest drivers to enable 4K playback support. Those new Adrenalin Edition drivers rolled out earlier this month. Finally, Netflix is also looking to squash the bugs that might make its apps more annoying to use. It launched a bug bounty program in late March that could pay out up to $15,000 for any bugs found and reported. So maybe ease up on the binging a bit if you're a hacker and get cracking.