Netflix Now Comprises A Full 1/3rd Of The Internet Traffic In North America

If there was any doubt about Netflix’s huge popularity in North America, consider that according to a new report from Sandvine, the streaming video service accounts for more than one-third of all Internet traffic.

Netflix was responsible for 31.6% of traffic, but with a bump to Super HD (4K) content for users, it’s already boosted that number to 34.2%.


Perhaps of even greater significance is the fact that “cord cutter” types who rely on services like Netflix as opposed to traditional pay TV are responsible for a whopping 54% of all monthly network traffic. These folks consume an average of 212GB of data every month and watch the equivalent of 100 hours of content every month.

How does that compare to average users? It’s roughly seven times more than the 29GB per month than a typical user.