Netflix "Just For Kids” Lands on iPad, Coming to Android Tablets Soon As Well

If you don’t know what Netflix’s “Just For Kids” is all about, just turn to the closest parent and ask. For them, it’s one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, a cornucopia of streaming kids’ programming that includes the likes of “Dora the Explorer”, “Shaun the Sheep”, “Super Why!”, “Backyardigans”, and hundreds more T.V. shows and movies that are safe and entertaining for your little ones.

And if you wonder why your friends’ iPads are always suspiciously smeared with tiny fingerprints, it’s because the iPad is perfect for letting kids entertain themselves with shows or games.

Today, Netflix is marrying those two things by bringing Netflix “Just for Kids” to the iPad. The functionality will be available on iPad 2s and newer, and Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation David Watson says that it’s coming to the original iPad and Android tablets soon, as well.

Netflix “Just For Kids” has a nice layout that’s easy to navigate for adults or kids, and between the easy browsing and search capabilities, it’s easy to find just about any T.V. show your kids will want to watch. We hope the next step for Netflix will be adding a better selection of kids’ movies.