Netflix Hints At Streaming Support For Wii And/Or PlayStation 3

There's no denying the significance of Netflix these days. The once tiny startup is now a monolith in the industry, and it has practically put the likes of Blockbuster on the ropes. What's interesting, however, is that the DVD-by-mail nature of its business isn't getting most of the attention these days. What is? The "Watch Instantly" portion, which allows users with select devices (PCs, Xbox 360, Roku, etc.) stream films on-demand so long as they're jacked into a broadband Internet connection.

For awhile now, Microsoft's game console has been the only one of the major three to stream Netflix. The company even credits that partnership with drawing over 2 million new subscribers, so it makes sense to think that it would love to get its streaming abilities onto other consoles. And you know, that just might happen.

During a recent conference call after closing up yet another impressive quarter (and seeing its stock hit a new high), the company hinted that its streaming services could soon be added to a "device already owned by a large number of consumers." It's hard to think of a single device (at least a single device with a single model number) that's not a game console. Not many folks own the same DVD or Blu-ray player. Not many folks own the exact same TV. The only thing that really makes sense here is another game console. Millions of Americans own Nintendo's Wii and millions own a PlayStation 3.

Hacks are already available that let users stream Netflix on the Wii and PS3, but official support is bound to make waves in the industry. For those of you who own a Wii or PS3, would the addition of Netflix "Watch Instantly" support get you to sign on? And for those with no console, would this addition finally sway you into picking one up?