Netflix (Glitch?) Limits My Account to One Concurrent Stream

I'm fully aware of the oxymoron in the title, because after all, how can a single stream be concurrent? It can't, and that's exactly my point. Netflix got itself in a bit of hot water a few months ago when subscribers reported the streaming service was tightening the reigns on the number of concurrent streams, enforcing a strict limit laid out in Netflix's Terms of Use. Technically, Netflix is supposed to limit concurrent streams to as little as one per customer in some instances. Here's the official verbiage:
Some membership plans allow you to watch simultaneously on more than one personal computer or Netflix-ready device. If you are on the Unlimited Streaming plan, the Unlimited Streaming + 1 DVD out-at-a-time plan or a limited streaming plan, you may watch only one device at a time. If you are on the Unlimited Streaming + 2 DVDs out-at-a-time plan, you may watch on up to two devices at a time. Members on the Unlimited Streaming + 3 DVDs out-at-a-time plan may watch on up to three devices at a time. The maximum is four devices at a time -- available for members on the Unlimited Streaming + 4-or greater DVDs out-at-a-time plan.

Seemingly out of the blue, Netflix began enforcing the strict limit, making it difficult and, in some cases, impossible for subscribers on an Unlimited Streaming plan to share their account with family members in the same home. For example, if mom and pop wanted to watch a romantic comedy in the living room, little Johnny wouldn't be able to fire up Spongebob upstairs. That seems unnecessarily harsh, and Netflix agreed, saying accounts that were limited to just one stream were done so in error.

"No Netflix member is limited to less than two concurrent streams," Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said in a statement sent out to several news outlets, including Stop the Cap, which first reported the enforcement policy. "A few Netflix members have heard different from us, which is an error that we are correcting."

That was all the way back in September 2011, so why am I digging up old news three months after the fact? Because of this:

I snapped the above photo when attempting to watch the first season of Portlandia (off-the-wall comedy that's right up my alley), only to be blocked by Netflix because the kids were watching a movie upstairs. Netflix has never enforced a single stream limit on my account before, at least not that I've noticed, and why it happened this weekend is anyone's guess. I'm hoping it was another glitch and not the start of an overly restrictive policy enforcement, not only for my own selfish sake, but also because more angry customers is the last thing Netflix needs right now. Company CEO Reed Hastings and crew are in the process of restoring Netflix's reputation after a series of questionable business decisions caused subscribers to jump ship and induced a sharp decline in the company's share price.

In any event, my account is back to normal, meaning I'm able to receive concurrent streams. I'm curious, has anyone else run into this problem over the weekend or anytime recently?