Netflix Adds Comedy Central and Nickelodeon

As the competition heats up in the online video watching realm, Netflix is making sure it stays one step ahead (or in lockstep, worse case scenario) with all those rivals. Starting today, those with Netflix subscriptions can instantly watch popular Comedy Central and Nickelodeon programming on computers (via and on TVs via the litany of Netflix-ready devices (Roku Netflix Player, Xbox 360, etc.).

Award-winning animated series "South Park" along with hit Nickelodeon shows like "iCarly" and "SpongeBob SquarePants" have joined the thousands of movies and TV episodes that Netflix subscribers can watch instantly on their computers and TVs. The agreement is a pretty big deal in the world of online streaming, which -- generally speaking -- major media outlets have signed with great hesitation and worry. Granted, Netflix and MTVN have worked together before, but Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Content Acquisition for Netflix, was quick to point out that he was "pleased to expand our relationship with MTV Networks and be part of their innovative distribution strategy."

Greg Clayman, Executive Vice President, Digital Distribution & Business Development, MTVN, smartly added this: "We want our content to be available to our diverse audiences wherever and whenever they're spending time, and Netflix is a platform that continues to grow in popularity with kids, young adults and parents alike. Netflix shares our commitment to consumer focus, and we're thrilled to expand our partnership by making Cartman, True Jackson, SpongeBob and so many of our iconic characters and shows available to stream at Netflix."

Just years ago, a deal such as this would have been practically unheard of; today, while not status quo just yet, it's a much milder shock. And considering just how quickly the content world is shifting to the internet, we'd say a brilliant decision to just join 'em (and not fight 'em).