Nest Wifi Boasts 'Gaming Preferred' Prioritization For Google Stadia Streaming

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Gamers who plan to take part in the upcoming Google Stadia game streaming service may also want to consider getting the Nest Wifi. Code sleuths have dug into the router's firmware where they discovered a mode that will benefit gamers called the "Gaming Preferred".

Google notes that for the best experience with Stadia, gamers need a "fast pathway to and from cloud servers." To accomplish this, the Nest Wifi device will automatically optimize Stadia traffic, so it has the most bandwidth available for a smooth gameplay experience. It doesn't matter what device the gamer using for playing Stadia, such as a Chromecast Ultra, desktop, laptop, or mobile device; the Stadia traffic will be prioritized.

nest wifi
Nest Wifi

Google wrote that Gaming Preferred mode prioritizes the Stadia traffic, so gameplay doesn't get slowed down by other devices or activities on the network. In use, this means that if someone in the home is streaming Netflix and Stadia is in use; Stadia traffic will be prioritized. The mode is on by default after setting up Made by Google routers, but is only active when streaming a game from Stadia.

The mode is expected to be advertised to help tout Google Wifi gear as being the best for an ideal gaming experience for Stadia when it launches on November 19th. While the feature is on by default, it can be turned off. To do so requires users to go into the Google Home app, choose WiFi, select Settings, and then toggle "Gaming Preferred" on or off. The Nest Wifi is a router that debuted last month at the Google hardware event.