Nest Cam IQ Gains Google Assistant Support And Cheaper Cloud Storage Plan

Google announced today that its premium Nest Cam IQ has been upgraded with support for the Google Assistant. The over-the-air update is being beamed down to the cameras as we speak.

Like other devices equipped with the Google Assistant, this update allows users to simply say "OK Google", after which you can ask it a question or have it perform a command (like turning on your outside lights or opening the garage door).

Nest Cam IQ Table

"It’s already a best-in-class security camera with top-of-its-class smartsbrains," said Nest's Maxime Veron. "And the Google Assistant will add a whole new level of intelligence by helping answer questions, control your home, and manage tasks."

In addition, Google has announced that it has added a new plan to its 24/7 Nest Aware continuous video recording subscription service. Customers will now be able to add a 5-day plan (5 days’ worth of video backups in the cloud) for $5 per month. This joins the existing plans which are priced at $10/month (10 days) and $30/month (30 days).

But the new, lower monthly plan isn't all that's new with Nest Aware; Person alerts are now available via your Activity Zone and you'll be able to "merge duplicate familiar faces of the same person" when it comes to your photo collections.

We can't help but mention that the Nest Cam IQ is still a $300 camera, which has to be supplemented by a subscription service to get the most out of it. That price may be a bit hard to swallow considering that companies are pushing quality $20 Wi-Fi security cameras with object identification and free cloud storage (and support for onboard storage).