Nest Cam IQ Flaunts 4K HDR Visuals And Facial Recognition For Connected Home Security

Nest Cam IQ

In a perfect world, we would not have to worry about intruders breaking into our homes and pilfering our belongings. Of course, we do not live in such a world, and the sad reality is that burglars and thieves exist. Fortunately there are home security products that make life tough for the bad guys. One of them is the Nest IQ Cam, a smart "security camera that outsmarts other security cameras."

Behind that witty tagline is a smart camera that was built from ground up with completely new hardware with unique functionality. It's an inside version of its outdoor security camera released last year.

Nest Cam IQ Hardware

Armed with an improved lens and beefed up processing power, the Nest Cam IQ can see better and think better—it is able to tell the difference between a person and pet. It also applies facial recognition technology to keep track of familiar faces, and to spot strangers that should not be in your home.

Nest IQ Cam has an impressive 4K sensor with a 130-degree view to capture a wide view of your home. This is bolstered by HDR support, which combines 4K images into a "beautifully balanced 1080p HD picture that won't choke your connection." On top of that, the video that gets sent to your mobile device or web connection is encrypted, with a bit rate that is adaptively adjusted.

The other big feature is zoom. Users can digital zoom in up to 12X and enhance video so that closeup shots are not fuzzy or blurry. The Nest IQ Cam can also zoom automatically to follow a subject around the room, whether it is a known person, an intruder, or Sparky the dog.

For remote communication, the Nest Cam IQ has a built-in speaker and a three-microphone array. Noise suppression and echo cancellation help to keep communications loud and clear. Full duplex is not part of the package, though Nest is planning to add support sometime later this year.

The Nest Cam IQ is available to pre-order for $299, or you can grab a two-pack for $498 and save yourself $100. Shipping is expected in four to five weeks.