Nero Launches Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD & Nero Video Premium HD

Nero is working to make editing your personal high-def movies a bit easier with the company's new Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Nero Video Premium HD. These two multimedia bundles now feature enhanced Blu-ray Playback capabilities as well as new HD effects for video editing. Nero also launched the Nero HD Theater, which lets users share and showcase their personal video creations.

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD & Nero Video Premium HD Now Available; “Nero HD Theater” Showcases HD Video Content from Budding Directors and Users

Video enthusiasts can enjoy new premium software and exciting content, while learning how easy it is to use Nero’s new products to create professional movies through new interactive forum

Karlsbad, Germany (October 14, 2010) - Nero, creator of liquid media technology, today announced that Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Nero Video Premium HD, two powerful multimedia bundles, are now available for purchase in retail stores worldwide and online at Nero also launched its “Nero HD Theater” (, an interactive site where creative video hobbyists can watch entertaining videos created using Nero software and learn how easily they too can create professional-looking movies. In addition, users can also share their own creations through the site with others within the 1.5 million member My Nero community (

The Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD suite and Nero Video Premium HD both bring enhanced Blu-ray Playback capabilities to the table, unlocking a complete HD experience for creative enthusiasts and home hobbyists alike. They also include all new HD effects for video editing and enable users to seamlessly transfer their content from one device to another. All this and more presents users with powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools to meet their multimedia project needs, all at a highly competitive price point.

In addition, Nero users now have access to the all-new “Nero HD Theater,” which serves as an interactive forum to share and showcase professional and amateur video enthusiasts’ creative projects. “Nero HD Theater” includes three theaters: the Main Theater, where people can watch original HD movie projects created by up-and-coming directors using Nero’s tools; the Director’s Theater, where users can view “How To” video editing tutorials, “Behind the Scenes” workshops and director’s commentary videos; and the Indie Theater, where some of the best user-generated videos can be viewed by visitors and members of the My Nero community. Users can also connect with others, share tips, tricks and techniques and get support in the site’s forums.

“These new Nero products enable hobbyists to reach new heights with their video creativity, while allowing them to explore new possibilities with the HD features and effects,” said Jürgen Kurz, CEO, Nero AG. “The combination of the products’ attractive value-based pricing and their ease-of-use, together with the unique mix of showcased content, tips, tricks and community-based support resources found in the ‘Nero HD Theater,’ create a unique environment and a fun experience for our users to explore their creative talent.”

Pricing and Availability

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD is now available in retail stores worldwide and online at for $129.99. Nero Video Premium HD is available in select retail stores worldwide and online for $69.99. Both products include Blu-ray Disk Playback capabilities at no extra cost, a feature that generally requires consumers to pay an expensive activation fee.

Owners of the standard Nero Multimedia Suite 10 can upgrade to Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD at for a special price of $29.99. Or they can choose to individually purchase the new Blu-ray Disc Playback or Move it plug-ins and/or the Nero Creative Collection Pack 1 at reasonable prices at

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