NEOGEO Mini Retro Console Packs In 40 Classic Games

Retro gaming has been a very big deal for the past few years with Nintendo really kicking things into high gear with the NES Classic Edition console. Nintendo followed that up with the SNES Classic Edition and the success of the consoles spurred other companies to make tiny versions of consoles from back in the day. We ended up with things like the Commodore 64 Mini and the Mega Drive Mini from Sega. Another small retro console is set to launch and this one is based on something that arcade gamers from the '90s might remember -- the NEOGEO.

neogeo blue angle

KOF World has announced on Facebook that the NEOGEO mini is in the works. The company won't say how much the console will cost or when it might launch, but it has given up other details on what we can expect to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the NEOGEO brand. The console will have 40 titles from the NEOGEO system that debuted back in 1990. Those consoles were in arcades all around the world and were notable for having multiple games inside for people to play.

neogeo blue front

There will be two console designs offered with the black, white, and red version looking like the version played in Japan. That NEOGEO mini will only be offered in Asia. A version for international markets including North America, South America, Europe, and other regions will be black, white, and blue.

neogeo red angle

Both consoles will offer the same 40 game titles and there is no word on what specific titles will be loaded. Big names from the arcade days like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Showdown, The King of Fighters, and Metal Slug would seem to be destined to make it to the mini console, but we don’t know for sure. Unlike the other retro consoles, we have seen, the NEOGEO mini will have its own 3.5-inch screen so you won't need a TV or monitor to play and an integrated joystick and buttons.

neogeo red front

It measures 135mm wide x 108mm deep x 162mm high and weighs 600g. It will ship with a power supply cable, but no AC adapter. We assume that means USB power, but that isn’t clear. It's also not clear if the console will have battery power for mobile play. If you want to connect the console to your TV, there is an HDMI output along with headphone port and a pair of ports for external controllers.