Nehalem Due In Late '08

Intel stock holders and hardware junkies alike, you now have a very good reason to rejoice: It looks like Intel's next-generation Nehalem platform will be available around this time next year.

Nehalem will be Intel's first consumer-oriented platform with Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) and an on-die memory controller.  QPI is similar to HyperTransport in concept, but Intel is claiming that QPI will offer better performance.

“The first Nehalem processors to be released will be dual- and quad-cores aimed at the server and desktop market while octa-cores are now rumored to have slipped into 2009, together with the CPUs boasting an integrated graphics core. All Nehalem CPUs will be manufactured on 45nm and are most likely to compete with AMD's K10.5 45nm parts.”

It looks like the next battle between AMD and Intel is already shaping up to be quite exciting.  Only 300+ days left to go...
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