Need For Speed Most Wanted Mod Brings RTX Remix Path Tracing But Does It Look Better?

need for speed most wanted hero(1)
Need for Speed Most Wanted, a fan favorite from 2005, is getting some big visual enhancements, thanks to NVIDIA’s RTX Remix tool. The tool enables modders to use generative AI to make changes to game assets, and breathe new life into older titles that are most likely no longer under development or support by the game’s creators.

YouTube user Cycu1 uploaded a video showing off some of the work they’ve done to Need for Speed Most Wanted using RTX Remix, leading to the game getting a vastly different look. This title is known for having a distinct art style compared to other entries in the franchise, with a sepia filter completing the look. This all goes out the window in the update Cycu1 made to the game, leading to what some might consider jarring changes to the intent of the original art style.

Cars sport a much more aggressive color, almost feeling a bit radiated. The clouds that seemingly battle with the sun in the original are now more muted, giving the impression of just an overcast day. The reflections that are now present in the updated version are also leading to some nasty ghosting effects.

However, it’s important to note that Cycu1 states that “this Mod is still in development and will be improved.” Hopefully folks in the YouTube comments aren’t overly aggressive with their feedback, and Cycu1 can take the constructive criticism to make this mod work better with the overall look and feel of the original release. It also shows that RTX Remix isn’t a magic wand that will make everything better, and mod developers will need to careful in how they use the tool.