NEC And Renesas Merge, Create Huge Chipmaker

For those familiar with consumer electronics at all, we're certain that NEC isn't a name lost on you. Renesas Technology, however, is likely to be entirely less familiar. Nevertheless, it's about to get a lot closer to being a household name -- even if it's name isn't the one being used. What gives, you ask? NEC and Renesas have just announced a plan to merge, and when all the paperwork is complete, the resulting entity will easily be Japan's largest semiconductor maker.

The two are hoping to combine into one by April of 2010, and once complete, it will be the planet's third largest chipmaker worldwide, behind only Intel and Samsung. Impressive, no? Kaoru Yano, president of NEC Corporation, had this to say about the merger: "In order to overcome the current extremely difficult time, we have come to believe it is extremely important that we create a semiconductor company that can flourish in the international market place."

Renesas president Yasushi Akao gave us even more nuggets to chew on: "The integration would bring together our sophisticated technological strength and ability to develop new products. With the renewed ability for development, we can create new demand and expand sales." New products, you say? Color us very interested. You know, it wasn't long ago that no one believed NVIDIA could actually take on the giant that is Intel -- we wouldn't put it past this new firm to give it a go, too.