NCAA Tourney Comes To iPhone And iPod touch

With all of the conference tournaments going on, you can just feel it in the air. The calendar says March, the jerseys are coming out and you just know the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is but days aways. And you -- you hard-worker, you -- are stuck in the office, or on the road, or somewhere not near a beautiful HDTV.

Fret not, dear worker / traveler, as is aiming to bring the action to you this year so long as you own an iPhone or iPod touch and can get near a 3G or WiFi access point. You heard right -- March Madness On Demand is coming to Apple's App Store-compatible devices, which means that all 63 games from the first round of the tournament through the semifinal and final games of the Men's Final Four will be streamed live for you to watch from any corner office or rest stop. The technology is being powered by MobiTV, and aside from the live video, viewers will also have access to tournament brackets updated in real-time and the ability to click directly from brackets into live video.

Of course, such a wonderful invention couldn't possibly be distributed free of charge, but the nominal $4.99 fee for access to everything seems fair if you're sure to be checking in often. Go on and get prepared by downloading the NCAA March Madness on Demand application now from the App Store. Oh, and wash your jersey, please!