NAVIGON Adds Google Local Search to iPhone App & Reduces Price

NAVIGON announced the fourth free update (version 1.4.0) to its MobileNavigator iPhone navigation App. The update now integrates Google Local Search into the application and offers new functions such as enhanced pedestrian navigation, an audiobook mode, directions in a turn-by-turn list format, an Emergency Help function, geographic Coordinate Input, and more.

The latest version of the software uses the iPhone's connectivity capabilities to enhance the navigation experience with services such as Traffic Live and Google Local Search. In addition, users now have access to the most up to date point of interest search results.

Until January 11, 2010, NAVIGON has reduced the price of the MobileNavigator app from $89.99 to $59.99.

Key Features and Enhancements of Version 1.4.0:
  • Google Local Search
  • Enhanced pedestrian mode
  • Turn-by-Turn Route List Provides a detailed list of directions, which update automatically during navigation; eliminating each maneuvers in real-time.
  • Audiobook Mode Drivers can now enjoy even more of their iPod while in-route music and audiobooks without missing MobileNavigator’s clear text-to-speech navigation announcements. In music mode the volume is automatically reduced during the voice announcement. Now while listening to audiobooks and navigation, playback is automatically paused and rewound for one second while directions are given, and resumes playing when the directions stop.
  • Coordinate Input Employ longitude and latitude coordinates as a destination as an alternative to traditional input like an address or POI by name. Email geographical coordinates for precise location identification.
  • Emergency Help Tapping one of the predefined categories such as Police, Hospital, Pharmacy or Gas Station provides detailed textual description of current position sorted by distance. Includes list with the street name, zip, city, distance to next big intersection, and geographic location. Emergency Help tells you exactly where you are, so you can tell others how to get to you.
  • Favorites displayed in map Destinations marked as favorites by the user are now displayed on the map in a named flag icon.
  • Swipe Screen integration for Traffic Messages Users can browse Traffic Live messages with the flick of a finger.
  • Contacts as interim destinations One-tap sets contacts as an interim destination. Using contact groups in the phonebook as interim destinations is now also possible.
  • GPS display enhancements If the iPhone GPS signal becomes too weak during navigation, indicated by a red bar on the top of the display, MobileNavigator now calculates the approximate position and shows the estimated position in the map (grey positioning indicator) to provide better orientation. Active route guidance remains switched off but continues normal navigation until a valid signal is available.
  • 3D map zooming As they navigate, users can now zoom in on the map section both in the 2D and 3D display using the iPhone’s intuitive fingertip control.
  • Country Info When the user crosses a country border, pointing out the country’s most important traffic regulations – such as the maximum permissible speeds or alcohol limits.
  • Faster start-up