NavFree Launches US Turn-by-Turn Map App with 1.6GB of Offline Data

NavFree has launched an iOS navigation app, which isn't in and of itself unusual. However, the app is free, and includes 1.6GB of offline data, which is unusual, particularly for gratis.

NavFree USA (Europe is coming; U.K. and Ireland are already in the App Store) will also provide crowdsourced monthly map updates, also completely free of charge. An Android version is coming as well. Social networking features allow users to share their position via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook, but that sounds a lot like Google Latitude, anyway.

There will be add-ons for in-app purchase such as speed cameras, local fuel prices and traffic information. You can see the full press release below.

NavFree USA: Free Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation For iPhone & iPad
  • Free, high quality, easy to use, voiced navigation with OpenStreetMap data
  • Maps stored on the phone – navigate without relying on mobile network coverage
  • New Social Location features allow users to instantly navigate to each other
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Navigate the highways of North America with your iPhone at no cost, with today's launch of NavFree USA. From Navmii, a publisher of GPS location-based applications, NavFree is the top community-based navigation product for iPhone and iPad.

More than 700,000 users across the UK & Ireland have already downloaded the free GPS/Satellite Navigation app available from iTunes. Now the USA can experience NavFree, which does everything you would expect from expensive in car GPS/satellite Navigation.

Users can search for an address, point-of-interest, or even do a Google location search and are instantly routed to their desired location with full voiced directions. NavFree USA will re-route automatically if you take a wrong turn, provide information on the journey distance and estimated time of arrival.

For holidaymakers, NavFree USA is the most economical way to navigate. Since all maps are stored on the phone, NavFree USA will not generate crippling mobile data roaming charges, and will still route you to your destination even if mobile network coverage fails.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: "NavFree has been a huge success in the UK and the most exciting part is the user community, who feedback information on their local area to improve the map data for everyone. With Navfree USA we have taken these social features even further, making it easier for people to navigate to places and their friends, for free, forever. And with the maps being stored on your iPhone or iPad you won't need to rely on mobile network coverage to navigate."

Community driven regular monthly map updates are completely free of charge. New social features allow users to instantly share their position via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Users will also be able to add enhanced features such as speed cameras, local petrol prices and traffic information to NavFree USA by purchasing these services within the app.

Coming soon:
  • NavFree for Europe
  • Navfree for Android
Find NavFree USA and NavFree UK & Ireland on the iTunes App Store: