NASA Researchers Discover Salt Water Flowing Downhill On Mars Surface

As if last night's occurrence of a supermoon and total lunar eclipse wasn't exciting enough, NASA has today revealed a monumental breakthrough with its exploration of the planet Mars. While it's long been suggested that water has existed on the cold, desolate planet, most likely as frozen-solid ice, NASA is now able to reveal that there is in fact flowing water to be found.

This kind of discovery can't be understated. Scientists and researchers have yearned for years to get proof of water on Mars, because it's a planet that should technically be able to sustain human life at some point in the future. The discovery of this life-fueling liquid means that alien life could have existed there before, and that it could just maybe host many different forms of life in the future. Maybe we don't need to drop nukes on the planet after all!

Mars Water

NASA notes that this discovery helps settle an assumption that Georgia Tech's Lujendra Ojha had five years ago when he noticed mysterious lines found on Martian slopes. He thought that the lines were water, and he happened to have been right. "When most people talk about water on Mars, they're usually talking about ancient water or frozen water. Now we know there's more to the story," he says.

If you're suddenly thirsty for a cold glass of Martian water, you better be able to handle the saltiest water to ever hit your lips. Clearly, that would be an issue to tackle if people ever did go to Mars. Given this discovery, you can bet that researchers and scientists are going to go into hyperdrive considering the options.

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