Myvus Crystal EV Video Glasses Bring The Big Screen To Your Face

If you're anything like us, you spend a great deal of time looking at an LCD monitor. Every so often you'll get up the nerve to go look at an HDTV or a movie screen, but by and large your eyes stay planted on whatever monitor is connected to your rig. Myvu's hoping to give those retinas of yours a break, regardless of where you're at.

The company has just introduced the Crystal EV, a "personal media viewer" that looks like a set of glasses worn by one certain Star Trek character (whom we won't mention by name). InMotion Entertainment has signed on to sell these video glasses at airport stores across the US, which is a brilliant plan to be honest. Just think about it--the average business traveler rushes off to the airport with nary a clue of how he or she will entertain themselves for 6+ hours in the air. The look across the terminal, spot these, and just like that a sale is made.

For those unfamiliar with this territory, these video glasses are able to connect to iPods, iPhones and an assortment of other media players in order to project a virtual big-screen image in front of the user's eyes. The Crystal EV promises a 64" equivalent screen, which represents a 30% increase over the original Crystal. There's no mention of a price, but hey, you're on the company's dime now anyway, right?