MXI Security Beefs Up Secure Stealth Line with 64GB USB Drive

Ask any budding secret agent and he'll tell you that toting around confidential plans for world domination is a major drag. It's not the morality of the 'take over the world' thing that has him down, but what to do with the data should he get caught. In a pinch, he can try swallowing his USB thumb drive, but his nemesis and his cronies will just extract it anyway, and that's not going to be fun for anyone.

This is where MXI Security comes in, the self-appointed "leader in superior managed portable security solutions." One of the company's claim to fame is its Stealth line of secure USB flash drives, which is now offered in 64GB flavor.

So who exactly needs 64GB of secure data on the go? Government customers, for one. And any other organization or person who simply wants an ample amount of mobile storage and security rolled into a single package.

MXI Security says it's 64GB devices are powered by Bluefly, the world's first security processor for USB devices. Keeping all that data safe from prying eyes is AES 256-bit hardware encryption, up to a 3-factor authentication (combinations of password, biometric, and/or CAC/PIV cards),and "advanced manageability and identity capabilities such as device recycling, key generation, and digital signatures."

Don't need that much capacity? Or do you need even more? MXI Security's Stealth family comes in as little as 1GB (USB drive) or up to 500GB (hard drive).