Must-Have iPhone Accessory: A Cell Phone

Newsweek has posted an article titled "Dial A for Accessory," which lists a set of must-have accessories for iPhone users. Number eight out of eight on the list: another cell phone.

This centers around that fact that for many users, as a cell phone, the iPhone fails, and fails badly. For example, thirty percent of calls in New York City are dropped, and that's typical, according to Apple's Genius Bar.

Newsweek also gives AT&T a jab, noting that for reliability, the accessory cell phone should be on the Verizon network. The magazine cites AT&T's network as well as poor battery life for reasons to have a backup cell phone. 

You may recall, also that Verizon has been targeting AT&T's 3G network in its recent TV ads.  While AT&T has sued Verizon and asked for an injunction against the company, claiming the maps in the ads confuse customers into thinking AT&T's coverage is non-existent in most of the U.S., it lost its first battle in that war.  Since then, however, Apple has decided to "help out" AT&T, its BFF (at least until exclusivity ends).

Less snarkily, the other accessories listed in the article include headphones, cases, and battery extenders.