MusicDNA Attempts To Oust MP3 At Top Digital Music File Format

The replacement of the MP3 has been coming forever, or so we've heard, but the ubiquitous file format has yet to really be toppled by anything else. Apple's AAC format is highly popular amongst iPod and iPhone users, but by and large, the de facto music format when it comes to digital is MP3. One has to assume that the format's run will end at some point, though, just as VHS and DVD runs ended when newer, larger and more clear formats were developed.

Is this the end for MP3? Only time will tell, but a leading tech company is hoping to launch a new digital music file format that will add several features currently unavailable to MP3. Things like embedded lyrics/artwork would be included, but the real kicker is that these files could be sent updates from the artist or label in order to showcase news updated and tour images. The new music proposal is called MusicDNA, and astoundingly enough, it has the support of the creator of MP3. You might find it odd that the maker of MP3 would back something to eventually replace MP3, but we guess that's just the spirit of innovation at work.

BACH Technology also noted that anyone who downloaded a pirated MusicDNA format would still be able to play it back, but those future news updates would not reach the pirating user. We like this approach. It keeps DRM out of the equation, yet it still provides a legitimate reason for users to buy the file. It's one of the first win-win situations we can think of in the digital music industry.

BACH is currently looking for label and retail support, but we can't imagine that to be an easy chore. The company admits that early feedback is very positive, and the fact that MusicDNA files could be played back on any MP3 player (Apple's lineup included) makes things all the more easier. A new file format wouldn't stand much of a chance, but it these files can step right in and work on every PC and portable music player created in past decade, then we actually see a glimmer of hope for success.