Mushkin Launches Graphics Cards, Again

DRAM and storage-device maker Mushkin has announced their entry into the graphics card market with the release of no more than nine Nvidia-based graphics cards.

The new graphics cards will be branded ultimateFX and start off with a very tame GTX 260 card, but work all the way up to a 2GB GeForce GTX285. Included are stock configurations to overclocked versions of each card.

As everything Mushkin does, they like to keep things in special little wooden boxes they've trademarked as "WoodBox", which give the cards an upmarket packaging.

The card list is as follows:

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX260

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX260 (1792MB)

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX260 OC

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX260 OC2

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX275

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX275 OC

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX275 OC2

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX285

Mushkin ultimateFX GeForce GTX285 (2048MB)


Mushkin says it’ll be cherry-picking the cards and flashing them themselves at their own labs.

The company, widely known for their high-quality DRAM products (some of which were recently used in record-breaking OC attempts) had just over a year ago attempted an entry, with GeForce 8800- and 8600-series graphics cards popping up but disappearing shortly after.

The kicker is that the company’s plans also include a full complement of AMD/ATI-based graphics cards to be launched at an undisclosed date in the near future.

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