Mushkin Announces Two New Intel-Compatible Redline DDR3 Kits

Lately, most of the new RAM announcements that we have seen have been from industry stalwarts like OCZ, Kingston or Crucial. Mushkin has remained mostly quiet on the memory front over the past few months, but the company is apparently looking to get serious about its position with new Redline DDR3 kits.

Two new bundles are being announced today, both of which are becoming Redline family members. They'll work with Intel's LGA1156 and LGA1366 platforms, and they boast low-latency CL6 performance in 2GB modules. The 996805 and 998805 memory kits obviously promise world-crushing performance, which has become a staple of this company's products.

The 996805 - 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 Redline kit is on sale now for $174.49, with the (3x2GB) kit available for $261.99.

"These new Redline kits we are introducing are tailored for the discriminating user. They are truly the best high-performance solution available for Intel®'s DDR3 dual-channel or triple-channel motherboards. For overclocking purposes, these modules are truly without peer." – Brian Flood, director of product development.

Part Numbers:

996805 – 4GB (2x2GB) PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 1.65V Redline

998805 – 6GB (3x2GB) PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 1.65V Redline

The new high performance memory kits are available now from the website.

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