Multi-Year Deal Brings Adult Swim Content to Netflix

Why did Robot Chicken cross the road? To get to Netflix, of course. The stop-motion animated comedy series will be met by other Adult Swim shows, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force (longest running original series on Adult Swim), Sony Pictures Television's The Boondocks, and Childrens Hospital, as part of a multi-year licensing deal with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and The Warner Bros. Television Group.

The deal brings to U.S. Netflix subscribers complete previous seasons of animated and live-action programming from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, and Adult Swim, as well as the TNT drama Dallas, Netflix announced today.

Robot Chicken

"The industry has evolved so that TV Everywhere and subscription video on-demand services can coexist with the appropriate windowing strategy, while allowing for more content flexibility to meet consumer demand in the changing digital landscape," said Deborah K. Bradley, senior vice president of program acquisitions for Turner Broadcasting. "We're happy to offer our popular programming to Netflix members, as SVOD services have become another way to grow audiences and can introduce new viewers to our programming."

Netflix and Amazon appear to be engaged in an arm's race to see which one can build the biggest catalog of titles. Just last week, Amazon announced a deal with A&E to bring Storage Wars and other popular shows to its Prime Instant Video service. Prior to that, Netflix agreed to pay Disney an estimated $300 million a year for exclusive rights to films after 2016.